Here you can find information on the plant parents used to create the hybrid plants we offer.
If we currently have the hybrid offspring available you'll be able to tap the button in the information pane which will take you directly to the sets.

Crystallinum Dark & Luxurians

The Mother (seed parent) is a beautiful Anthurium Crystallinum 'dark form'. The pollen donor is from a well established and large Anthurium Luxurians with the most gorgeous bullate leaves.

The hybrids produced have taken on the characteristics well.


Black Widow x Michelle & Zara x Michelle

The Mother (seed parent) is our beefy Black Widow x Michelle. The pollen donor is from our premium Zara x Michelle.

Both plants have been with us for a few years and originated from the US.


Magnificum & Besseae Aff

The Mother (seed parent) is Anthurium Magnificum. The Pollen donor a stunning Besseae aff.

These two have developed an exquisite hybrid combining the iridescent leaf color and shape of Anthurium Besseae aff with the robustness of Magnificum.


Papillilaminum Croat & Dressleri

The Mother (seed parent) is Anthurium Papillilaminum Croat which is nice and dark. The pollen donor is a Anthurium Dressleri which has a wonderful round leaf shape